Hospitality Management

Abcons provides services for the entire lifecycle of a hospitality investment:

Asset identification

Through our network and relationship with the community, we can match investment objectives with opportunities. Each opportunity will have been thoroughly vetted before presentation. The opportunities presented will review all available strategies including development, re-branding and re-positioning. Drawing from our vast experience and from industry data, each strategy will be presented with a credible cost-benefit and investment analysis. A full risk analysis is provided so as to make informed decisions.

Development and re-positioning

Working with the franchisor and aligning the investor’s objectives, Abcons will:

  1. Specify the scope of work
  2. Establish and manage the budget
  3. Identify and contract with vendors and service providers
  4. Project manage the specified works
  5. Deliver the completed project with necessary Franchise, Statutory and Financial approvals and seals

Operations Management

Once positioned in the market space per the specified strategy, Abcons will realize the financial goals established with the stakeholders. Abcons’ methods, processes, standard operating procedures, controls and reporting have been derived from several years of successful implementation over a varied class of assets. These continually evolve to encompass changes in guest expectations, technology and franchise standards.

The strength of the management group is its team. From hiring the best in class to intense training and peering through transparent review and career path alignment, the team members are motivated to perform to their best ability. Abcons truly is dedicated to developing leaders from within. Every team member is encouraged to understand the career paths available and to attain their full potential. Team members are enthused by learning that a majority of their management have risen within the ranks and that Abcons has supported them with both training and financial resources. The loyalty and motivation that this propagates is an invaluable asset for the company.

Abcons’ management services includes:

  • Accounting services
  • Payroll services
  • Financial analysis and risk management
  • Revenue management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Integrated online marketing and advertising
  • Human resources management
  • Vendor agreements
  • Food and beverage management

Abcons constantly benchmarks its hotels against each other and assets managed by other companies. We use this process to continually review our operating procedures and to improve our performance. In benchmarking, we employ various tools to ensure the hotels are performing optimally including:

  • Key performance indicators & month end comparative reports
  • Annual employee opinion survey
  • LRA brand inspection
  • Secret shopper programs, both operationally and sales focused
  • Internal accounting audits
  • GSI (Guest Satisfaction Index) measuring service performance
  • Internal human resources audits
  • Monthly financial performance
  • Risk management audit/ safety initiatives

Stakeholder Relations

There are several stakeholders in each project and Abcons recognizes the need to ensure required levels of information in prescribed formats are provided and available. Using M3 accounting systems that allow views on demand for stakeholders, thereby providing complete transparency of operations.

Abcons prides itself for being accessible and responsive to provide stakeholders the confidence to know their interest is being managed optimally.

Revenue management, Sales and marketing

Using sophisticated data analytics and dedicated revenue managers, Abcons fortifies the efforts of the Sales and Marketing teams to attain the optimum RevPAR for each hotel within its competitive set.

Abcons’ Hospitality Management sales and marketing approach focuses on:

  • Achieving the correct balance between Direct vs. Indirect Channel Sales
  • Taking full advantage of the Internet, online distribution channels and eMarketing
  • Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of local market conditions
  • Working closely with group business generators, meeting planners, wholesalers, incentive travel companies, corporate travel departments, and franchise-sponsored marketing programs
  • Deploying effective marketing campaigns
  • Employing effective sales incentive programs
  • Establishing professional sales administrative processes
  • Developing effective approaches to prospecting, qualifying, selling and closing